In defense of life


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Dear friend,

As animal protection society and pro-life association, we fight for the best quality of life for all the animals we are in charge of, exactly the same as a good owner would do with his own dog. This involves a correct maintenance, the necessary veterinary attention and all our love.

We cope with the daily costs for maintenance and medical treatments thanks to private contributions and to our constant effort to raise funds through different activities, since we don’t receive any subsidy. But veterinary expenses exceed our possibilities. Most of them are due to sterilizations (mainstay in our fight for the end of the overpopulation, and consequently, of the abandoning), followed by operations, diseases treatments and admissions. Sometimes it’s a matter of urgency so we have to go to the clinic out of visiting hours, which is much more expensive.

When any of our dogs or cats get sick we never consider their age or their possibilities to be adopted (a subjective and very unfair concept from our point of view) to give them the opportunity to live. We only think about euthanasia when they are terminally ill and there’s no chance of keeping their quality of life.

In conclusion, our dogs are living beings with emotions, with their names and all of them are irreplaceable, they are no figures or statistics, and our philosophy is treating them in that way.

And now we are in this situation. Our debt with the vet has already reached 33.000€. Although they still look after our dogs, our pro-life argument is harder each time.

An option would be to give up the philosophy we always have had. A philosophy that we know you share with us, which is the reason to support us. We are not going to do that. We are firmly decided to get the necessary help to pay our debt and be able to go on without any euthanasia (only those ones which put an end to the dog’s suffering when we cannot avoid it in another way).

That’s why we ask for your help today. Exceptionally, we ask you to make an effort to be transformed into an extra and crucial help to be able to keep our fidelity to our pro-life philosophy for all our animals, independently of their bad luck.

If we have been able to get to this point, we really believe that it is possible to find 3.000 people willing to give 10€, or 6.000 people willing to give 5€, or 12.000 people willing to give 2,5€... And we know you are one of them.

Apart from a possible monetary contribution, if you have some contacts you consider could help us, please let them know too. We are going through very hard times but we can get it all together.

We attach a slideshow where you can see some examples of the results of our perseverance in the defense of the life. Your donation will leave a mark in your heart forever, knowing that you will have contributed to save these and many other innocent animals.





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IBAN: ES40 2048 0156 1134 0000 6247


Holder: La Pontiga Casa de Acogida Protección Animales


If you want to give your donation directly to the veterinary clinic, send an email to asociacionmasquechuchos@gmail.​com or call to +34 647.005.699 and we will let you know their contact details